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The movie in the movie

wikipedia modifié par masiosarey, 2019

Moviegoers will no doubt have noticed: there is a film in Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón's film Roma. Indeed, when Cleo, the heroine, goes to the movies with her lover, now, O surprise, scroll on the screen of the Metropolitan Theater images of .... The big mop! The contagious laughs of Louis de Funes, Terry Thomas, the irreplaceable Sir Reginald (or for the fans, Big Mustache) and Bourvil burst the screen in the final scene of the airplane.

The big mop! went out in France in 1966 and made more than 17 million entries in France. A record that will be beaten in 1998 only, by the American film Titanic. Under the name La gran Juerga, the film totals 1.7 million admissions in Spain and goes out in Mexico in December 1969.

But the link with Mexico does not stop there. The actor who plays one of the English fliers, Peter Cunningham, is actually Mexican. Claudio Brook (Claude Sydney Brook Marnat), born in 1927 in Mexico City, went on national and international productions for five decades and played for the greatest directors of his time, such as Luis Buñuel (Five films including El Angel Exterminador 1962, Milky Way, 1969), Arturo Ripstein (El Castillo de la Pureza, 1972) or Guillermo del Toro (Cronos, 1993). Very quickly, his practice of French opens to him the doors of the French cinema. In 1965, he played alongside Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau in the film of Louis Malle, Viva María! Then, with Jean Gabin in Du rififi to Paname in 1966.

To finally fall into the arms of Bourvil!

©Masiosarey, 2019

Traduction Enrique Saldaña Consultor, expert translator.


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